Saturday, January 28, 2012

Why I love these blogs....

I've decided to do a post today on some of the blogs I've been following over the last few years.  The one thing I love about blogging is that you can peek into other people's lives.  People from all over the world who either have similar interests to you, live in an amazing place, or are just a joy to get to know through cyberspace.

Below are some of my favourites and why.


  Honestly, how can you not love Lucy.  She certainly brightens up your day and thousands around the world obviously agree.  She's also talented and has some fantastic, easy to follow crochet tutorials.

The sight of morning

I'm in awe of how many pictures Mrs M can invoke with only a few words.  Witty, fun, thoughtful and a comment section full of people that have fantastic sense of humours.  In fact, you can't read any of her posts without reading the comment section.  I really think that this may be my favourite blog to read.

Slow living in the pyrenees

I have only been reading this one recently and still haven't fully made my way back through the archive of posts yet.  An English couple (without the English expat attitude), living in one of the areas in France I desperately want to visit.  They have been renovating a farmhouse over the last few years in the Pyrenees and this is a snippet into their everyday life in this gorgeous part of the world.  Oh and when I get to France I REALLY want to stay with them when their B&B and cottage is up and running.

Hearts Landscapes and Belladonna's Garden

My Sister's blogs.  How could I not love these as they're written by one of my most favourite, loved and cherished people in the whole world.  Unfortunately I haven't been able to comment on it for the last year, under my blog name or as anonomys as it just won't publish my comments.  I'll keep trying though and maybe the glitch will right itself.

Little Tin Bird

I love Heather.  She's funny, loves to crochet and just loves her family.  I do love how she waffles!

Curlew Country

Family life in England written by Steph.  I just love the images this blog invokes.  She writes about normal things happening around the place but this blog sings to my heart. 

Our Wee Farm

Laura is a Scottish expat living in the North Island of New Zealand.  I so love their house and especially all the little sheds around the property.  Love it!

The Handmade Dress

A wonderful blog about an American family.  I just love reading about the everyday things they get up to although I certainly couldn't handle homeschooling my two kids let alone their 4!

Hope you have a fantastic day and enjoy browsing through some of my favourite blogs.

xx Susan

(Normal blogging should return to normal soon.  Lots of rain, the Australian Open tennis finals and the cricket have all made me a bit slack on the blogging front)

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