Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A day at the beach

Well a morning it was not a full day and you couldn't get a more gorgeous day than today.

Little Miss R's prep class went on an excursion to the beach and everyone was so excited about it, especially when they all turned up at school in their togs (swimmers, bathers, whatever you all call them).

We met down at Kings Beach in Caloundra on this most gorgeous of days.

Here they all come.......

After a quick snack it was off to the beach to build sandcastles.  We all split up into groups and each child had a small crab that they got to hide somewhere in their sandcastle.


There were plenty of supervised visits to the water to fill buckets with water and to collect shells to decorate our castles.

There were some fantastic castles made by the kids (with a little help from parents).  The one below is Little Miss R's group's castle.

Even a pyramid made it's way onto the beach!

The most popular kind of castle by far was one surrounded by a moat.  They all had these I think and lots of water went into trying to fill the moats up but to no avail, it kept sinking straight into the sand.  Not to be deterred, the kids just went and got more water.

Once the castles were built and all the crabs found then it was up to the fountain for some very wet fun. 

The kids had an absolute ball here but then why wouldn't they?  It's SO MUCH better than being at school.

Then what better way to top a morning off at the beach but with an ice block!
I have to say I was a bit apprehensive about going to the beach with a class full of children as I don't cope half the time with my own two but there were so many parent helpers and we all had an absolute ball. 

Once the bus left to go back to school I did enjoy a lovely leisurely lunch in one of the beachside cafes and a much needed coffee. 

xx Susan

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