Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A morning at the beach

I love living so close to the beach.

Sunday dawned clear and HOT and by 7.30am I decided that we really needed to get out of the house so off to the beach it was.

Did I say it was HOT.  By 8am it was 30 degrees cel so Happy Valley and the crashing waves was the perfect spot for a play to cool down.

There were lots of families and surfers out and about enjoying the gorgeous day and cooling down too.

After about an hour playing in the waves we headed up to the playground in the park at Happy Valley in Caloundra for more play.

It's such a great playground with a sunshade over the ship, swings, a fortress and other great play things for the kids.

The fact that the playground is right next to the beach is such a bonus.

By just after 10am we were done for the day and it was starting to heat up a bit more so we decided to have some ice-cream before heading home.

I know there are plenty of ice-cream places in Caloundra but we headed to McDonalds for the kids first ever sundae and of course another play on the playground there.

The sundae's were voted "Delicious", the morning was "so much fun", and I drove two very happy and tired children home and not even half the day had gone by.

I wish I could say that they were deliciously tired and were fantastic for the rest of the day and even though my boy was asleep by 5.30pm that night, it wasn't quite an incident free day.

While I was washing up in the afternoon my darling boy got hold of some green paint and proceeded to paint my car, the house, the garage doors and himself (legs, arms, shirt, shorts, hair...).  Thank goodness it was water paint and came off easily.

The school holidays start soon so I think there'll be more outings to the beach on the cards.

Susan xx

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