Monday, February 13, 2012

Aunty Rob's

What a fantastic family weekend we've just had!

On Friday at midday, we picked Little Miss R up from school and started our 3 hour journey to Shane's Aunty Rob's for the weekend.

She lives on about 80 acres of land out at Clifton on the Southern Downs about halfway between Toowoomba and Warwick.

It was the first time we had been there so we followed my father-in-laws VERY BASIC map and actually found the right place (after a couple of phone calls).

I just love rambling old farmhouses that seem to have such character. 

We set the camper trailer up just outside the house yard, had a cup of tea and some scrummy homemade fruit cake, then it was time to explore.

I just love the wide open space feeling on the downs where you can see for miles.  The below photo is what we saw from the side of the camper.

The next photo is looking over the back of the farm to the neighbours house.

Of course you can't have a farm without a shed and this one is filled with hay bales.

They've had so much rain out there that there's plenty of grass growing, it's pretty green too so the stock have plenty of sweet, yummy grass to munch on.

You can't be on a farm without animals either.  Aunty Rob has 3 dogs which were a bit excited to see the kids.  It took awhile for everyone to get used to each other, especially Little Miss R who was TERRIFIED of one of the fast running and jumping dogs.

The kids were in their element though and while hubby and I finished setting up the camper, Aunty Rob took them around to meet and feed the animals. 

Mud, poo and everything else didn't worry them at all.  They had a ball and just loved being there.  In fact they both didn't want to come home and wanted to stay there forever.

There were goats to be fed.

Chickens and ducklings to collect eggs from.

Pigs that wanted attention (and food).

...and of course, cows to be milked.  The four calves were a hit too.

Yummy!  Fresh milk twice a day. 

It's interesting to note that my lactose intolerant boy could drink fresh cows milk without a problem.

It's a little difficult to make out on the next photo but a calf escaped so the round up started.

Little Miss R (in green dress), with Daddy and Master M following, had to chase the calf back towards Aunty Rob so she could get it back in the paddock. 

Now the kids thought that was great fun.

It was just such a relaxing couple of days with everyone enjoying good company, being around the animals, doing something different and just relaxing.

Oh and the storms each day were pretty good too.

It was a fantastic weekend and we're all looking forward to heading out again sometime soon. 

I hope you all had a great weekend too.

xx Susan

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