Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mexican and Margaritas

Friday night was just the loveliest night.

It was my friend Jodi's birthday and we were having a girl's night out at Mooloolaba.

Now the last night I had a night out was for Jodi's birthday last year.  Shocking to know it's been a year since I've been able to be free of kids (and husband) and have some time with the girl's.

The weather was VERY different this year though.  Last year it was the most perfect evening and this year it was raining and stormy.  When I say raining, I mean RAINING!  Torrential.  Downpours.  MUST really concentrate on driving or the water will shoosh you off the road type rain.

So where did we go?  Well Mexican was the choice this time so we headed to Montezuma's at Mooloolaba.

A dip and corn chip platter is always good for starters...

...and of course a Margarita had to be sampled.  I didn't even think about a photo until I was nearly finished.  (Oooohhhh it was sooooo delicious!)

Then there was the HUGE meal.  We really shouldn't have had a starter even though we all shared it.  We couldn't eat all our meals so it's lucky they give you a doggy bag if you want one.

As Jodi and Crystal picked the meal I was intending to order, I decided to try something new that I thought sounded pretty interesting and Sandy had the same dish that I did too.

It's called a Mole Poblano and I'll quote from the menu here:

Centuries old chicken dish invented by the nuns of Puebla for the Bishops visit, served with a spicy Aztec nut sauce, 32 herbs and spices, coconut, banana and pineapple.

It was DIVINE!   Then again you'd expect a dish made by nuns for a bishop to be pretty divine wouldn't you?

After dinner (and collecting our doggy bags), it was off for a coffee at a nearby cafe.

More chats and catching up before we decided that the rain really was getting heavier and that we'd better think about heading home while we hopefully still could.

...and home we did get.  We weren't flooded out which was a possibility considering the water laying around everywhere but it was a bit of an interesting drive home.

I'm glad I was in the 4x4 because the water was rushing across the road most of the way and there were a few nasty potholes that we hit because you just couldn't see them in the dark and the rain.

Once snug in my house I enjoyed listening to the rain on the roof and knowing I wasn't going to be dragged out of bed early because the kidlettes were having a sleep over at Nan and Poppy's so I had the house to myself!  Bliss.

xxx Susan

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