Friday, September 23, 2011

Christmas is one blanket closer!

Can you believe I've finished another blanket already!

This one has been quite fun to do.  Lots of stripy clusters and a sweet little pointy border that has made this into a lovely little blanket.

I wasn't quite sure who I was going to give this one too and I'm still not entirely sure.  It's either for Nephew J (older J as I have two nephews beginning with J) or Nephew S.

Originally I was making it for J but now that it's finished I'm starting to think that it may be better for S.  I'll wait until I start the other blanket and then I'll decide who I'll give it to.

I think the colours have worked really well on this blanket and I know I've got pink in there for a boys blanket but the nectarine colour I was going to use hadn't arrived and I didn't know when I was going to get it. 

There's lots of blue and light green too so I hope that makes up for any pink.

I did a little pointy edge as I didn't feel like doing a full shell edge and the picot edge I started just didn't look right.

So I hope you like this one too and you probably won't have long to wait until my next finished project as I've got a couple on the go. 

One is the blanket for little Nephew J and the other is a scarf which I'm making for one of Little Miss R's teachers at school.  Both teachers wore scarves all winter so I decided that would be a nicer Christmas present for them rather than the usual mugs and chocolates.

Hope you all have a fantastic day.

xx Susan

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Anonymous said...

Love the pointy edge on this one Susie. You're doing so well with all your blankets. Kylie x