Sunday, September 18, 2011

A family outing

It's the first day of the September school holidays and building to be another hot day so we decided to get out and do something as a family before the heat REALLY hit.

We haven't been up to Skippy Park to ride our bikes for awhile and the kidlettes have really been hassling us to go so that's where we went.

We loaded up the bikes then rode around the track on this gorgeous day looking up towards Mt Mellum.

There's been some work at the park earlier in the year so now there's a few extra play spaces and not just the bike track and toilets.

They've added a playground area and a couple of picnic tables and barbeques which has made it just a perfect spot to go with families now.

Little Miss R just loved making music.  There's sandpit areas, rocks and logs to climb...

...and grassy areas with lots of bumps to run over.

The gardens are done out beautifully with lots of native plans including these gorgeous bottle brush trees with their bright red flowers.

I love the fact that in animal friendly park areas these days they're putting in a drink bowl just for the dogs.  So handy and it was well used in the time we were there from a few different families that had their dogs there.

Of course, when you have this fantastic playground and bike track area, what is it that the kids really want to play on. 

The big pile of dirt at the back of course!!!  So much fun.

Hope you all have a great week and if it's school holidays in your family right now then enjoy.

xx Susan

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