Saturday, September 17, 2011

Where did Spring go?

Or for that matter what happened to Winter?

Excuse me for talking about the weather but the days are pretty amazing around here at the moment that I just have to.

Winter officially finished just over two weeks ago and the last few days have been sunny and quite warm.  In fact yesterday got up to 30 degrees celsius (that's 86 F to my US friends) and was quite muggy in the afternoon.

This is NOT spring weather, it's summer weather so I suppose we really have to say that we didn't have winter.  That's pretty normal around here as the weather doesn't go by our official calender dates does it. 

Even though the nights have been really cool, the days throughout winter were quite lovely and warm with just a few exceptions.

Now I'm not a big summer fan.  It's way too hot and muggy for my liking so I'm sure I'll soon be lamenting about the hot, humid weather and wanting some cooler days which I'll probably have to wait until next April for.

There is one thing that I love above all else in summer and that's late afternoon

I sit outside on my old, crappy, falling to pieces lounge that is really very comfy.  I either do some crochet, read a book or watch the kids play in the backyard and enjoy the beautiful afternoon with it's lovely breeze.

A glass of chilled wine doesn't go astray and then we start up the barbeque to throw something on for dinner to have with a salad.  Easy, light meals and lovely relaxing afternoons.  That's my favourite part of summer and we did that yesterday afternoon.  It was a very happy time.

xx Susan

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