Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cyclone M

Yesterday afternoon Master M was playing happily in the sandpit outside while I was inside dealing with Little Miss R who wasn't feeling very well.

He came in after awhile and happily had dinner, bath, got in PJ's and into bed without much fuss at all (rare).

Then Lovely hubby arrived home about 9.30pm after his few days away and asked if we'd had strong winds recently (with a funny little grin on his face).

That's when I went outside to inspect.....

Master M (while I thought he was in the sandpit), had got hold of a toy box which had been on top of the camper trailer and tipped it out everywhere.

He'd climbed up onto the camper, walked all over the top and it even looked like he'd had a lovely time rolling around.  It's pretty high so we're lucky he didn't fall off.

The toys were spread all around the car.  Even under it.....

...and there was one sad, lonely little toy sitting on the roof of the car.

It didn't take him long and I bet he had lots of fun making the mess.  Cleaning it up this morning was another matter, that took a LONG time with lots of tears.

Hope you have a great day.

xx Susan

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