Sunday, September 25, 2011

A higgeldy-piggeldy scarf

I've finished the first scarf for one of Little Miss R's teachers.

I used a similar pattern to one my sister used recently to make a scarf for her Danish 'daughter' Katherine but tweaked it a bit and made it a little wider.

I also used different yarn so instead of an amazing array of blues, greens and other delicious colours from the Noro ball of yarn, mine was a lot more muted.

It looks like a bit of a mess all piled up doesn't it.  All layed out you can see the colours more and I know that the teacher that it's for likes purple things so hopefully she'll like it.

Because it's quite thin it needs to be wrapped around a number of times to provide the effect.  Excuse my bad hair day but I wasn't expecting to model it right then, the opportunity sort of presented itself.

So another little project is completed and the next one is well on the way.  I'm not sure when it will be completed though because it's still school holidays and hubby left this morning to start his new job. 

He'll be driving for most of today, then has two days of inductions before we find out which shift he'll be on so we won't know his roster for a few days yet.

xx Susan

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