Monday, September 19, 2011

School holiday routine changes

As anyone knows, when it's school holidays sometimes you really need to change the most basic routine. 

In this case I decided that we'd do a treasure hunt for morning tea.

I made up a map of our backyard drawing a little treasure chest in 3 places.

I then made up some little 'treasure' boxes filled with morning tea.  Some biscuits and a popper juice for the final treasure to be found.

I then went and hid them in the places I'd marked on the map (the sand pit, under the barbeque and on one of the outside tables).

Then the hunt was on and the kids had so much fun looking for their treasure. 

My nephews will be here tomorrow morning for a few hours so I'm thinking of repeating the process but hiding the treasure in some different spots.  Maybe the top of the slippery slide will be good and once they find the treasure they have to slide down before heading onto the next spot.

I wonder how many times I can get them to run around the clothes line?

It's still really hot here and very smokey as there's a few bush fires around the place.  I'm spending my late afternoons in my usual spot, outside on my lounge with my crochet.

I've just started on the above blanket for Nephew J.  I've never tried this pattern before and I'm loving the way the shells all link together.  It's so easy and lovely.

Afternoon snacks are nearly always the same.  Cheese, crackers, apple and carrot. 

I just hope we get a storm or two over the next couple of days to go with our afternoon snacks. 

Enjoy your day everyone.

xx Susan

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