Friday, March 25, 2011

A delightful day off

Yesterday I had the day off to go to a workshop with Dr Robi about building your child's self esteem and ways to help them cope with change and anxious situations. I"m so glad I made the time to go as it was fantastic and I got a lot of useful information out of it.

However, it was only a small part of the day so the rest of it was spent having a lovely catch up with my sister. After the workshop, it was back to her house for some lunch where to my amusement, I found this sign in the kitchen. Hmmmmmm... I think I'd be leaving it on too don't you?

Of course the two gorgeous girls Jess and Sophie just had to be under foot while we were getting lunch. They are labradors after all so anywhere there's food, they're there too.

After lunch it was time for some hooky business.

Although truthfully, not a lot got done because we were too busy watching this....

The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency books are so wonderful and the movies are just as good. It was the perfect afternoon to sit down and watch Mme Ramotswe and co.

I also did a little reading as my sister has a huge range of cookbooks so I started to go through her wheat free and gluten free books. It seems that Little Miss R may have a gluten or wheat intolerance so I wanted to find out some more about it. Looks like our diet's are really about to change, especially as Master M is Lactose intolerant.

Then it was time to pick Master M up from daycare and once we got home it was some Mummy and son play time in the back yard.

While we were out there, just what did I spy?
Is that a pumpkin growing on my vine?
I think it might be, shall we have a closer look...

Yes, yes, yes! It is a pumpkin growing on my vine. In fact there are two that I can see which is so very exciting. There may be more but then I'd have to wander into the jungle that is the pumpkin vine to find them and possibly encounter a toad or two. No thank you very much! I'll just admire the ones on the outside of the vine.

I feel like such a farmer!

Then it was up early this morning (thanks Master M for waking mummy up EARLY) after a good nights sleep so I got to see the sun rise. Don't you just love the pinky orangey clouds. Such a pretty sight to start the day.

Wishing you all a joyous day too.
Susan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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