Monday, March 21, 2011

Display houses

Isn't the fabric on this chair just gorgeous. I was seriously in love as soon as I saw it although I'd prefer a different style chair to sit crochet away in.

It was lovely hubby's RDO day today so after dropping Little Miss R at school, we headed off to look at some display homes to get some ideas for our house that we will end up building in Chinchilla. Our biggest problem is finding companies with a good reputation that build out there as it's a small western town, but there's no harm in getting ideas.
I just LOVE the outdoor living space in this house although the big open doors might not be too practical in Chinchilla because of the flies!

The space in this house was HUGE and it was so open and fantastic, much bigger than my little boxy cottage I'm in now. (There's the chair again!)

It was all very modern but look at that bench space. If you've seen my kitchen then you would understand my excitement about bench space.

I just loved these cushions too.

Just another peek at the chair from a different angle.

How good is this, a walk in linen cupboard!

Sorry for the window reflection but I just LOVE this bath....

....and the walk in robe. Lots of places to put things.

Lots of outdoor areas, all designed and presented to look very stylish and modern. I think I'd be going for a lot more comfort myself.

And then there was this walk in pantry. It even had a tap and sink in it although I really don't know what you would use that for when your kitchen sink is only a few steps away. It was a nice pantry though.

Oh I just love looking at houses and making plans. Lets hope the experience of building (when the time comes) turns out to be a geat process with few hassles.
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