Sunday, March 13, 2011

Up BEFORE the birds

2am!! That's when I woke up this morning and couldn't go back to sleep. Looking on the positive side, I did get to spend some lovely hours to myself. I can't really call them quiet because the neighbours had a bit of a party which didn't finish until about 3.30am! (hence me not being able to go back to sleep).

They're new neighbours and have been really good so far, it was just a birthday party which we found out from the REALLY BAD singing so lets hope it doesn't continue often.

So what did I do when I couldn't sleep? Well it was the perfect time for some hooking as I could sit in the quiet and hook away to my hearts content. I was on the last round of Miss T's blanket so I decided that it was the perfect time to finish it.

What's that in the background I hear you say? Well I'll focus on that a bit for you, just for a sneak peak as we can't reveal too much just yet can we.

Do you see that stripey confection in pink, purple and white in the purple bag? That's the next blanket I'm making for another niece, this time Miss H, but more of that another time....

The edging I'm doing is in lime green as I thought it would really bring the whole blanket together. Whether it does or not is another matter because I've never thought I've been very good with colour so we shall see.

No far to the end now and only a small amount of yarn left. Will it last?

Oh no!! Look how much I've got left to do and I've run out of yarn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What to do?????

After a quick rummage through my basket, look what I found. Is that a small length of lime green yarn that just might see me finish the blanket? Yes I think it is! Yippee!!!!!!

(I'll leave the Ta-daa moment of the blanket for another day as I haven't yet photographed the full thing.)

By now though the birds have been chirping for a little while even though it was still dark. The sky is starting to lighten and looking out the back door I can see the Morning Star in all it brightness and glory and they day looks promising.

But half an hour later it seems that the clouds are starting to come in and it may be a bit of an overcast, if not rainy day.

Master M came out around 6am (he decided to sleep in a bit today) but by then I'd been awake for hours drinking copious amounts of tea and being VERY productive.
However I was in NEED of coffee by this time as tea just didn't seem to be doing it for me so onto the stove went the coffee pot.

Then after a yummy breaky of bacon and eggs (and don't you remind me that I'm supposed to be on a diet!) we decided that it was time to get in and do some painting of the house. We've only had the paint in the shed for the last year but now that we want to sell our house it's a rush job to get it done.

This is the hallway we started on and thank goodness Little Miss R had a sleep over at Aunty S and Uncle J's for the night as she wasn't around to want to 'help' paint. Master M wanted to help or more wanted to just sniff the paint so after a quick call to my Uncle I, he was packed off for the day to do boy things so we could do some painting.

The entry way and the hallways are sort of half done. Some areas still only have one coat on and it's amazing how long it takes to do even a small area. As this is the first time I've ever done any house painting I can honestly say it takes a lot more time than you think. I have been enjoying myself though which is quite surprising.

By lunch time though I was wilting VERY badly (I had been up since before 2am) and so we finished the section of hallway we were up to, showered, had lunch, then I headed off to bed for awhile. I wasn't sure if I really would go to sleep but after putting the air con on, popping the ear plugs in and pulling the blinds down to make the room nice and dark, I fell asleep VERY quickly I have to admit.
After a couple hours of blissful uninterupted sleep, I was awake again and ready for the kids to come home. No more painting until either tomorrow (perhaps) or next weekend.
But after some play time and drive time in Daddy's ute (always an excitement), then it was time to help Mummy cook some dinner. Nothing very exciting tonight as I was truly still a bit knackered so it was homemade pizza's as they always go down a treat.

I did have some help from Master M when rolling the base out.

Some VERY tired children were in bed not long after dinner and I'm not far off it myself.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend too and sleep sweet, I'm off soon to catch up on a bit more sleep myself and hopefully I won't be up at 2am tomorrow morning.

On a slightly sadder note, as I'm writing this I've just had a phone call with the news that one of my dearest friends father has just passed away. My dear friend H, I'm thinking of you and sending you hugs, comfort and love and will see you soon.
With love
Susan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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