Sunday, March 27, 2011


I was trying to think of a witty title for today but I really couldn't so I just called it Sunday.

So what happended on our Sunday?

I was woken by a very happy Little Miss R telling me that it was her friend's birthday. How exciting when you're 5 years old and you're invited to a school friend's birthday party.

So off she went to her friend E's birthday party where they got to make cupcakes. Evidently she had a wonderful time and even when the other children went off to do other things because they were bored, Little Miss R was still happily creating her masterpieces.

Six cupcakes came home and the whole family got to share in them which was lovely (and yummy!) I will say that Mummy really wanted the dragonfly cupcake but that just had to go to Daddy. Mummy got to have the teddy bear one. Can your guess which one it is? It's the one in the top right hand corner of course. White with a pink and yellow teddy bear! Can't you see it? It's so OBVIOUS that it's a teddy bear so why does it take so LONG for you to find it Mummy!!!!! After the excitement of the morning, it was some hooky time in the afternoon. I have started to undo Miss H's blanket as I'm really not happy with it. I usually don't care on the quality of the blanket telling myself that because I'm a beginner it doesn't matter as much. I have been peeping into many a talented crafty lady's blog and they all seem to do very good quality crafty work which they take great pride in. Why can't I do that I ask myself? Well I can take pride in what I do and even if I'm three quarters of the way through a blanket, if I'm not happy with it then I can undo it. So that's what I'm doing and the pink, purple and white ripple blanket is being unravelled so that I can begin again and make it much better.

In between unravelling I've been hooking a granny stripe blanket for Master M (nephew, not son).

This one is in 'boy' colours and isn't a lot of pretty girly colours that I love doing. It looks beautiful though and I'm so happy with how it's going so far.

This evening has found a unique game that the kidlettes have made up. It's called Lift, Push and Crash. Hmmmmm.... interesting.....

It requires one child to lift the other child, then give them a push towards the sofa where they 'crash' into the soft cushions. Then it's time to swap over so the other child is getting lifted, pushed and crashed.

They had a ball until it all came crashing (sorry!) down around them and one of them got slightly hurt. All is ok though and after about 10 seconds the crash was forgotten as happens with children.

They're now asleep so I can enjoy a cup of tea and maybe some yummy chocolate. Aaaahhhh... bliss.

Hope you had a lovely Sunday...

Susan xxxxxxxxxx

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