Saturday, March 5, 2011

Do you find this funny?

As we are currently in the process of buying a block of land while still living in our house and have all the usual bills, we've been tightening our belts on day to day living expenses. One of those expenses is of course my wool buying so I can make lots of scrummy blankets. So I don't go overboard on my purchases I'm only using cash to buy my wool and I have a special little beaded purse I bought years ago from Sapien Arts (I mentioned it in a previous post).

Dear hubby has a habit of leaving coins on any surface around the house and I decided that if he didn't want them then I could certainly find a great use for them, hence the sign next to the purse in the photo. He found this to be absolutely hilarious!! LAUGHED for ages. I for one couldn't find anything funny in it, I thought it was a perfectly rational idea and an ingenious way to be able to buy more wool!

(I will add that he dutifully put the money in the purse so soon I'll be on my way to the shops to purchase some wool for the next kids blanket!! Yay! Exciting! Wonderful! Very Happy Me!!!!!!!!!)

Miss T's blanket is halfway through and I'm just teasing you a little with a sneak peek. Don't you love those colours! This is the happiest blanket and one I know she'll be sure to love. I can already imagine her snuggled up under it in winter reading a story or watching some tv.
Happy weekend everyone.

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