Monday, March 7, 2011

A weekend at home

We're not people that do a lot over the weekends. I think it's because we seem to drive so much during the week that the thought of hopping in the car again on the weekend can be a bit off putting. It's something that every now and then we get up the energy and inclination to change and pop out for a picnic or visit to the beach.

This weekend was quite wet however and outdoor activities were limited to a few minutes playing in the yard occasionally. So for me I did a spot of menu planning from my FAVOURITE cookbooks. I just LOVE Sophie Gray's Destitute Gourmet books so much that most of what I cook is from them.

With the menu planning out the way and it still raining, it was time to keep the kidlettes amused. What better way than craft so out came the glue, paper, ribbon, stamps etc and we had a wonderful time making some masterpieces. Then Granddad came to visit which was very exciting of course but it was even more exciting when the kidlette's cousins turned up. So much NOISE!! They all had fun though which is the main thing.

I did get to have a bit of quiet time late in the afternoon when the drizzle stopped for awhile, doing a bit of hooking and having a cup of tea in my LOVELY new mug. Do you like it? I found it the other day when I was yarn shopping and my heart fluttered when I saw this mug. I knew I just HAD to have it and now it's all mine and I get to enjoy it every day now. (There was also cake tins, cookie jars, tea and coffee jars, coasters, glass cutting boards, utensil holders etc in the same pattern. I'm so EXCITED to know that I can get a whole set of this oh so cute pattern).
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