Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Yes I do know I've been absent a bit from blogging lately, sorry about that.

I really didn't think I had that much to blog about really as nothing much out of the ordinary has been happening.  Then I took a photo of a flower in my front garden this afternoon and when I downloaded it, all these other photos from the last week popped up too.

So just what have I been up to during my ordinary week?

Well first of all we celebrated the 7th birthday of my nephew J.  7 years already!!!!!  I can still remember easily the day he was born (might be because there was a bit of drama surrounding it too though)

I've also been getting a bit of this done.......(of course)

The neighbours had some work done on one of their trees which caused great excitement.  It's not everyday the kids get to watch a man climb a tree and use a chainsaw.  Unfortunately Master M was thinking it would be good to have a go.

Little Miss R has gone back to school for her final term of Prep.  I've been spending my days with one less child doing lots more decluttering and a little bit of something with this....... 

.....and this.......

(more on that in a not too distant future post).

And finally I've come to the reason for all the photos in this post.  I was taking Little Miss R to school this morning when I noticed these gorgeous hippeastrums in my front garden.  They were hiding amongst the geraniums and I was smitten by the colour of them.  Aren't they just gorgeous!

The best thing of all is that I have another lot in another garden that looks to be the same colour but the flowers are still closed for now.  They'll be fantastic when they come out.

I hope you're all having a great week.

xx Susan

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