Friday, October 7, 2011

Master M has a bed

I'm a little ashamed to admit that my son has been sleeping on a mattress for the last 12 months. 

We decided it was time for him to be out of the cot but we sort of never got around to getting him a single bed so he has been sleeping on the cot mattress since then. 

I know, I know, pretty shocking but he doesn't have to fall far when he rolls out of bed although lately it's been a bit of a pain bending down to change sheets every day when he wets them.

Then suddenly we sort of aquired this old bed.  When I say old, I mean pretty old as it was mine when I was a child.  My sister and I had beds that were exactly the same and I know that this was mine because I was a very bright child and carved my name into the top of the bedhead.
(note to future graffiti artists:  do NOT EVER sign your name as you'll be found out eventually:  even 30 years down the track!)

The above photo was when I was halfway through sanding.  I was intending to do a full before and after shot but I forgot.  That's about normal for me so I'm quite proud of myself for remembering BEFORE I'd even finished sanding.  Yay!

So after sanding and armed with some of this.... was time to get to it. 

Oh, by the way, don't you LOVE the test tube blue.  Master M and I had a morning outing to Bunnings which was pretty exciting I can tell you.  I mean hardware superstores are always pretty fun so we had a great time. 

We were good and only bought the paint though which I'm a bit unsure of whether to be proud of myself or upset because I wasted an opportunity to buy lots of stuff I would have LOVED but probably didn't need.

I did buy this pretty fabulous tube of blue paint as a spur of the moment buy, mainly because it was a tube of house paint and had it's own applicator so you didn't need a brush.  How fab is that!!  (I found out it's crap getting close to edges and corners so you really do need a brush after all.  Ho hum.)

After the first coat.....

(notice I didn't use anything under it to stop the paint getting onto the cement.  I decided that the cement needed a good clean and we have a fantastic Stihl pressure cleaner: that one's for you Kylie :)  that hubby can use to clean it off.  It was never under any circumstances because I was feeling lazy, couldn't be bothered and had no paper or anything whatsoever to put under it!)

The finished product..................

How much better does that look!  I'm SOOOOOOOO proud of myself.
I just need to clean the light area up.  I nearly painted over it but decided I'd better not and now the old light looks old and basically... crap.  It doesn't work anymore and has a big crack in it so I'll have to work something out to make it look a bit better. 

Then again, I let my son sleep on a mattress for a year so maybe the light will stay as it is......

Would you like to see the finished product?

Here it is..

The mattress has been bought and the bed made with the first ever crochet blanket that I made. 

xx Susan

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Anonymous said...

Looks bright and cheerful Susie. Great job!!!
Kylie ♥