Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Baking cakes

After breakfast and before we head off to school I get a little help.

I'm making cup cakes for Little Miss R to take to school for her birthday as well as a few extras for treats for us.  The kids were kept busy putting the cases into the pans.

Once home from the school run and buying a few more groceries, it was time for a coffee while working out exactly what it was I needed to do.

I like to be organised.

The first double batter batch of vanilla cupcakes is all mixed and ready for the pans.

A taste test is a must.  It passed.

Three and a half hours later, one slightly burned batch because of my tempermental oven, one chocolate batch and another double batch to make up for the first and we finally have cupcakes.

There was of course the obligatory taste test and they are almost perfection.  Melt in your mouth, light as air, dreamy, yummy cupcakes.

About 30 are heading off to school which leaves me with about 60 or so left in my freezer now.  Yes that's right, with the few that were tested after school, I made about 100 cupcakes.  It would have been less if my oven worked like an oven is supposed to!!

For family that are reading, you will be receiving the ones with slightly burned bottoms whenever you visit.  Even so, they're still delicious!

xx Susan

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