Saturday, October 29, 2011

Doing my head in

I am trying to remain calm........I'm not succeeding very well.

Since the moment the kidlettes got out of bed this morning it has been one drama after another.

Frankly, I'm getting a bit sick of the word 'mummy' today.  I really think I'm going to change it and just not respond...if only that would work.

My two cyclones have been at it all day.  Every time I turn around the house has virtually been destroyed.

There have been constant fights, niggling and just plain annoying each other.

Master M continually is leaving taps running because he can't turn them off properly.  Every time I walk into a room it seems that a tap I had turned off only 5 minutes before is running again.

He also found a stamp and proceeded to stamp nearly every wall in my house with red christmas writing.  Most of it is coming off.

This is only a small part of my day so far and I'm really not sure I want to know what else is in store.

Hubby is home tonight and I'm REALLY looking forward to that......and the bottle of wine I think I'll be opening a little later.

Until then I will try to continue to be an octopus with eyes in the back of my head. 

Wish me luck and thanks for listening to me whinge!

xx Susan

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