Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Moving through the fog

It's been a bit of a busy week around here and I keep forgetting to take photos so I can show you what's going on. 

We're planning for Little Miss R's 6th birthday here on Thursday and her first birthday party with her school friends on Saturday.  Lets hope the rain stays away.

My mind is also pretty full about our move and finances.  Things like, can we move BEFORE we sell the house or do we have to sell the house first.  It's taking up a fair bit of time I can tell you.

 I also have a bit of brain fog resulting from a cold that developed the other day.  Not happy about it especially as it was a pupil free day at school on Monday and it was one of those days when my cherubs decided they didn't want to get along.

I've got a place to hold all my crochet hooks now too.  Do you like it?

It's one of my pre-children evening bags that I will probably never use again.  I don't even fit into the dress it used to match so I decided to put it to a better use.  Now I get to use it all the time.  Yay!!!

I'm also trying to get as much crochet done as I can in my limited spare time.  I decided that if we move soon then I want all the presents finished and wrapped so I don't have to take them with me.

The retro ripple is for Nephew J for Christmas which I think I mentioned in a past post and the blue piece is a scarf I'm making for one of Little Miss R's teachers at school.  Nearly all done.

I've got finished items piles up and am running out of boxes to put them in so it's about time I stared wrapping some of the Christmas presents I think.

On a different note, we headed up to Landsborough the other day to order Little Miss R's birthday cake and ended up getting some yummy's for morning tea.  Then it was off to the playground for awhile to run off some of the sugar!

Today I'm making heaps of cupcakes so Little Miss R can take to school tomorrow for her birthday.  I doubt I'll be doing much else until I've got them all made and decorated so lets hope Master M is easy to look after today.  Wish me luck!

xx Susan


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Anonymous said...

I love the crochet hooks in the beautiful bag. It's so perfectly you and I bet you love being able to use it all the time. I wish I was as organised as you with all the Xmas gifts. Good on you.♥K