Saturday, April 24, 2010


(The beauty graduates)

Last night was my Graduation and what a lovely night it was. It was different to see everyone dressed in their best and not our school uniforms but it was our night to celebrate so dressed in our best is to be expected.

Unfortunately I've also been suffering from a bit of the flu this week so I wasn't feeling my best and am still not thinking through the fog properly so I probably won't be writing much today. (Thank goodness you say! No waffling!)

(Here I am with my hard earned Diploma)

The above photo is of me with my Diploma which was earned with much hard work and sacrifice on behalf of me and my family. It hasn't been an easy year even though I'm sure some people might think it has been, but it's finally over and I'm fully qualified in a profession which I love and feel passionate about.

(My awards)

An exciting part of my evening was earning 3 awards. The first was the Student Choice award which was determined by the votes of my fellow students so I thank the girls I studied with this past year for their consideration. It means so much to me to know that some amazing and talented women put my name forward as the person they thought would excel in the industry. Thank you my friends!

I also received the Thalgo Clinic award which is a wonderful boost to my confidence and an honour to achieve as I know they are one of the leading Professional brands.

However receiving the award for Dux of the Year was the highest honour and a lot of hard work went the marks behind this award. So it was a very special night for me and confirmation that I am definately on the right track in my life.

(Don't you just love the sparkly bag!)

Of course I couldn't go past going out for a special night and not buying another handbag! Don't you love the sparkles!!!!!!!!

(My honey and me)

Thank you to my husband who for the past year has taken the brunt in the child rearing department over the past year when I've been locked in my study over the weekends. Love ya :)

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