Friday, April 30, 2010

Heart happy days

Aaaaahhhh, look at that glorious, colourful wool. I'm intending to make a blanket for Little Miss R once I've finished her brothers so I've already purchased the wool and can make a start on it whenever I wish. I did think of trying to do a ripple pattern but I've found a gorgeous granny square pattern that has flowers on the inside. As Miss R insisted on having pink and purple in her blanket then I think she'll love having a blanket full of flowery centres as well. It's all so exciting I just can't wait to start and who wouldn't when they've got those lovely colours to play around.

I've had the loveliest day driving around the Sunshine Coast. It's such a beautiful area and I know I'm so lucky to have grown up and still live here although I am finding the summers a bit too hot and humid these days. That's why I love days like today as I'm reminded just how much I love this place.

I had to take N (my mum-in-law) to various appointments around the Coast and as waiting around in Doctors and specialist surgeries didn't really appeal to me, I kept toddling off to explore and shop etc on my own. I bought the above fantastic picnic basket at one of the Op shops for only $4! Bargain!!! I had a lovely browse through some other shops, bought some wool then decided that it was too beautiful a day to be anywhere near shops and traffic so I found a spot near the beach and just sat and contemplated while looking at this.........

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