Monday, April 12, 2010

A mish mash sort of day

Today has been a very higgeldy piggeldy sort of day with not a lot happening except being interrupted by my little ones. They've haven't been very independent today and have needed help with nearly absolutely EVERYTHING they've done almost every minute of the day. Keep in mind that they are four and a half and just over two but there are some days when they're more independent than others. It's been a bit of a trial actually.

At least yesterday ended with a half hearted attempt at a storm (see above photo). Normally we have some pretty spectacular storms over summer here (which I just LOVE) but summer is well and truly over by the calendar (although it is still very hot and steamy), and I think yesterday was a kind of wishy washy harrah to the season. We did hear a couple of peals of thunder but that was about it.

Back to my mish mash day. I did get some things done and cooking dinner was one of them. As I was home all day I was able to take a bit more time and make a nice pie with homemade pastry. It's the first time I've made this particular one and it was very nice with it's potato, hamsteak, egg and sour cream filling but next time I think I'll layer it with sweet potato (kumara), pumkin, potato and maybe some bacon and other yummy things I can think of. Served with some steamed broccoli and carrots it was delicious!!

I also got to finally get the chance to make some phone calls to organise some handy men to come and do some things around the house. I've been intending to for awhile but always found other things to do instead (crochet, work, crochet, play with kids, crochet, cook, crochet). It's finally done now and I feel much better for it.

I've also contacted the school and filled out the application form from the prospectus for Little Miss R to begin next year. How quickly the time goes from them being new borns to toddlers then the next one comes along and then all of a sudden your first born is about to be off to school. Where does all that time go?

Somedays everything goes too quickly but I can't say today was one of them. My beautiful little ones didn't have their listening ears on today so it seemed to be a very long and drawn out day. However, once their in bed the time just seems to pass too quickly and I find myself longing for my own pillow which I can hear calling to me as I type.

I suppose I'd better listen as pillows do know best. Until next time....

I hope you have plenty of sunshine, smiles and happiness in your days.

xxx Susan

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