Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Normal days

It's amazing how many days we have that seem just so 'normal'. Now every day is relatively different in certain aspects but we seem to do so many ordinary things in our lives that the days pass by without too much drama. That's what I love about doing this blog as it's helping me to see some of the really special moments in all that normal and ordinariness!

The weather has been much better lately, not raining and cooler so I'm not sweltering as much. It's been lovely to get back outside and it gives the kids a chance to run, play and ride around the yard. Our neighbours have been doing the same and Little Miss R asked a zillion questions as they tidied up their yard and pruned trees. I was surprised at their patience and how well they dealt with a constantly questioning 4 1/2 year old, and then the excitement of being given some yellow leaves that they'd cut off the tree. This kept her entertained for ages sorting them into different piles (until her brother decided to jump on them and war started).

(Bob and Cinderella waiting for a bus)

Inside play hasn't been too exciting, more reading and driving trucks while Mum's doing some rare reading and having a bit of hooky crochet time.

Aunty's is much more fun at the moment with all the crafty things to do. We LOVE going to Aunty's as there's always something exciting to do: playing with the dogs, crafty stuff, helping cook, playing on the playground or in the sandpit and helping in the garden.

And of course there's time for cooking. I made the yummiest bacon and roast pumpking risotto the other day. So easy and tasty and a hit with all!!

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