Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The simple things

It's amazing how we can come crashing back to earth and reality by spending just a few moment with children. We seem to spend so much time in our heads these days thinking about the future and what we can do to achieve our goals and the best for our families. Then all of a sudden, our kids give us something or show us something that's important and special in THEIR lives and it makes us realise that sometimes we only need to change our perspective in looking at things in our own lives.

Being given a dandelion by a child just because they thought it was pretty and they think that you're pretty has to be one of the loveliest moments that I've ever had.

Another dandelion and a special rock found in the yard is a gift to treasure.

Of course seeing the potential in everything is another great look at life. Just like putting holes and wool in cardboard to make a sewing card for a few moments entertainment can end up creating a good hour of entertainment by turning into a 'kite'. Gotta love a kids imagination!!!

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