Thursday, April 15, 2010

How ordinary

I've had a very ordinary sort of day at home but that's been the joy of it I suppose. It all started very excitedly with my four and a half year old bursting into my bedroom before 6 am (she was excited, I was less so!) but we managed to get through the rest of the day on friendly terms.

I had the most delicious egg on toast for breaky which is a very ordinary sort of breakfast to be sure but I honestly don't know when I had it last. It was thoroughly enjoyable and always more special because I cook it in my Grandmother's frying pan which is the perfect size for cooking one lovely egg that sits perfectly round on a piece of toast. I always think of my Grandma when I have an egg cooked in this pan and also when I drink a cup of tea in a tea cup which was something special we always did together.

The rest of my day has been spent tidying, decluttering, crocheting and spending time with my little ones. I now seem to have some time to tidy after all my free time has been taken up studying for the past year. I attacked my bedroom and desk of course and couldn't believe how much had accumulated in my desk drawer. The above photo is when it was tidy with A LOT LESS than was originally in there. I have a thing about stationary so I won't be showing you any of the paper, notepads, pens etc that I have as it would take too many photos but I have been good and culled quite a bit today.

I did get some quiet time for a cuppa and some homemade biscuits that Mum N (my mother in law) made while she took the kids outside into the beautiful sunshine for a play (bless her).

So my ordinary day is pretty well at an end and I'm off to my ordinary (but comfy) bed for hopefully a not so ordinary deep and uninterrupted sleep. Wish me luck!

xxx Susan

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