Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stolen moments and delicious dinners

I woke today to the sound of steady rain on our roof which is one of my favourite sounds in the world. Now we live in a place known as the Sunshine State yet of late have had plently of wet weather to make the ground boggy and the mosquitos breed in droves. Not very pleasant especially when that rain is teamed with humidity to make the days really steamy. Not the type of weather that I love these days which is probably why I'm reading plenty of northern hemishphere blogs with people lamenting about the cold, blustery and snowy weather and wishing I could trade places.

I did have a blissful moment to myself this morning and the fact that it was a bit of a stolen moment makes it all the more delicious. I had to go out for a brief shopping outing this morning which really shouldn't have taken me long at all but while I was out I ended up sitting in a coffee shop, drinking a delicious latte and writing in my journal while watching the rain pour down on the passers by. That's one of my favourite passtimes and one I seem to rarely indulge in these days but thanks to the addition of N, my mother in law, to my household in the last couple of months, a passtime that's now looking much more possible.

I also had quite a few cuddly moments with my kids but as the day wore on those cuddly moments turned into more tired, fighting, whinging moments so the sweet moments were interspersed with driving me nuts moments.

At least dinner turned out beautifully with a nice sort of chicken chutney curry sort of thing that was quite DELICIOUS and the sort of meal I had to stop myself (I mean really stop myself!) having more of.

Not much too it as you can see by the picture but very yummy.

Hope you all have some sort of indulgence to enjoy that you don't feel guilty about indulging in. I've yet to find the balance but I do keep looking!

Until the next time we meet, I hope you all really enjoy your indulgent moments!!

xxx Susan

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