Sunday, May 2, 2010


Now from the above title you might think that I'm going to tell you what a wonderful gardener I am and show you pictures of my beautiful, lush garden. I'm so sorry to disappoint you and I hope you'll forgive me for getting you excited but I am a pretty awful gardener. My back yard is full of overgrown weeds in the few garden beds we have and the rest is just grass for the kids to play on.

My mother and sister, however, are both pretty good gardeners and it's their lovely gardens (or parts thereof) that I'll be showing you today. Luckily for me, my family all live nice and close to me, just in various other parts of the same town so it's nice to have people I love so close.

Little Miss R and I popped around to my parents place in the morning for a stint of cherry tomato and flower picking. I love fresh cherry tomatoes and have to admit that I do have a plant amongst the weeds in my own excuse for a garden that has ripening fruit on it. How exciting it is to grow your own produce and eat it fresh!! You'll have to check back in sometime over the next few days to find out what I'm doing for dinner with the tomatoes, not that I'm entirely sure myself but I've got the glimmerings of a recipe in my mind and I'm hoping it will be nice. If it's terrible then we'll just forget I ever mentioned anything about cooking them up shall we? You agree? That's wonderful.

As for the other glorious garden that I visited, it was my sister S's and her lovely husband J's. I absolutely love going out to visit their place because the view from every window is a picturesque delight of tropical greenery. I feel so relaxed and peaceful at their place which is probably a reason why I've spent so much time there (the company is quite acceptable too!) I love her gardens so much in fact that nearly 6 years ago my husband and I got married there! It was a lovely, casual wedding surrounded by friends and family and just such a lovely day. (More on that next month as it's our wedding anniversay).

We didn't just go visit to look at the gardens though as we had a wonderful change from routine and had a sleepover! It's so exciting to do something different and as my life seems to have been full of the mundane lately, I was bursting with excitement to go.

They have an enormous movie screen (the size of one wall) where we get to have exciting movie nights sometimes. It's seems an absolute AGE since we last had one and I tell you that anything other than Bob the Builder, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Chugginton makes me excited at the moment. We did however put Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure on for the kidlettes so they got to have a 'movie' experience complete with mattresses to lie on and dogs to cuddle up with.

Once they were in bed it was the grown ups turn to watch Avatar which was fantastic. The only problem was that Master M decided that he didn't really like having a sleepover and kept crying and screaming for what seemed live FOREVER until his father finally put him in the car and took him home.

So our little family sleepover consisted of the boys going home to sleep in their own beds and the girls having a fun time out!

Until next time when hopefully will have a delicious recipe to give to you (or not!).

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