Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kidlette days

It's certainly been a day for the kids around here (big and little). It's been such a gorgeous day that I just wanted to spend some time with the kids doing kiddy things so we've been playing outside on the swings, riding bikes and running around the yard. Then it was Master M's nap time so Little Miss R and I got the puzzles and pencils out and had a wonderful time puzzling and colouring.

Then off course Master M woke up and decided that he wanted to be in on the action too and threw puzzle pieces and pencils all around the room. The photo of my lounge is just after that moment and thank goodness just before all the toy trucks and cars got added into the jumble. Not happy moments when the cleaning up had to be done, nowhere near as much fun a making the mess!!

The afternoon was some quiet time for me, sitting on our outside lounge doing some more crocheting while the neighbours 3 kids joined ours and lots of noise, running, playing, bubble blowing,chalk drawing and plenty of tackling went on. It was so lovely to see them all having so much fun. Happy moments indeed!

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