Monday, May 24, 2010

Lovely weekend

My weekends start on a Sunday these days, especially now that I'm back working and one of my busiest days happens to be a Saturday. That's just the way it goes in the beauty industry but for me Sunday is family day.

This weekend was a particularly gorgeous weekend so we decided to go for a picnic. Instead of going to the coast and the beaches, we headed inland to one of my favourite spots, Little Yabba Creek out near Kenilworth. I remember having many picnics here when I was growing up and now I'm heading out there with my family when the weather is favourable and we find ourselves getting cabin fever.

We didn't head into Kenilworth itself which is the home of a fantastic cheese factory and a great picnic area and playground for the kids. We instead ended up a few kilometres away at Little Yabba Creek which has a lovely picnic ground and bushwalk for us to enjoy with the kids. In summer it's a great spot for having a swim too but it's heading into late autumn and a little too cool for us!! We found out later in the afternoon that our neighbours and their children ventured that way too and braved the waters only to find themselves freezing later!

The walk is only just over a kilometre long and is either bitumen or boardwalk so it's quite user friendly and kid friendly too. Perhaps I should say parent friendly because we don't have to clean off muddy shoes before getting into the car.

And then of course, there was the most exciting bit before we finished our walk and that was seeing a carpet snake beside the track. Little Miss R happened to see this before us, in fact I walked straight past it, but it provided some excitement. Carpet snakes are pretty harmless and I think this one was a bit cold but if it was any other type of snake I can tell you that there's no way I would be stopping to photograph it!

I know that many people think that Australia is a place that is teeming with dangerous animals everywhere you walk but I have to admit that this is only the second time in all my 36 years that I've seen a snake in the wild. I've been on plenty of bushwalks and camping expeditions over that time too I can tell you so it was a pretty exciting moment for not only the kids but for me too. I'm just glad it was the good old carpet snake this time (last time was in Cooktown with my sister and I'm not exactly sure what it was but I do know it was pretty nasty).

I hope you all had a lovely weekend too. Mine was great, especially as we got to spend time as a family which seems to be rare these days.

I have a busy week ahead so will try and pop in as often as I can.

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