Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Uncle I

Today is my Uncle's birthday. He's been a wonderful Uncle to my sister, brother and myself and as he's never married and has no children of his own, you could say that we are considered his 'kids' too.

Now that the next generation are along he's finding that he's loving being a great uncle so much and the kidlettes all adore him as well. He helped me out so much during a very stressful time in the year after Master M was born and I shall forever be greatful for his help, support and just being there for an arvo cup of tea and chat to give me some adult conversation.

I know your birthday dinner of creamy chicken, mushroom and sundried tomato casserole with cheesy star scones on top doesn't look like much but wasn't it ABSOLUTELY DIVINE in taste. I can't believe there's any left actually.

Happy Birthday to you! I know you say you're too old for candles and cake but I say that you're NEVER too old! The little ones expect candles and cake for birthday's though, even if only to get to blow them out themselves. Yes, must have little helpers to do all of that huffing and puffing!

Happy Birthday Uncle I. Thank you for your support, company and fun times with the kids. Love you. :)

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