Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Day in Life: An Ordinary Sunday

I woke up this morning with a bit of a headache so lovely hubby looked after the kids while I got to have a bit of a sleep in. I felt like I'd slept in for most of the day so was surprised when I got out of bed to find that it was only 6.55am!

Had breaky and took something for the headache so started to feel much better. That meant I could get into the day which in this case means WASHING! I seem to have so much of it as it's my first day off so I have work towels as well as work clothes, not to mention sheets and the kids clothes as well.

I also got to admire my new 3/4 pants which I love! Now I've lost a bit of weight I've gone down a size (YaY!!) so treated myself to a couple of pairs of my favourite style denim pants for summer. I just love the pocket detail on the top pair.

Speaking of summer, it's so hot and humid today that I was a little puddle of sweat putting the washing in and out. Luckily I wear sunscreen and a hat otherwise I would be burnt to a crisp with the amount of washing I needed to get on and off the line. Thank goodness we have air conditioning so I was able to escape back into the house to cool down!

What a lovely surprise to find that we have a pumpkin vine growing in the back yard. I'm not much of a gardener (I can hear plenty of laughs from my family there) so when I grow things it's usually by accident and things that can look after themselves very well.

Then it was off to do some grocery shopping which I usually seem to do early on a Sunday. We were definately out of fruit and as we have a couple of fruit bats in the family a re-stock was definately in order.

Choosing some paper to cover Little Miss R's school books was fun too however trying to cover them has not nearly been as fun as I've had two little helpers and it's been slightly fRusTratINg!!

Aaaahhh some crochet time at last. Getting a bit of relaxing time in my cool air conditioned bedroom, watching the cricket, having a lovely cup of tea and working on the border of Master R's blanket.

Looking out the window it would seem a storm is building up which is not surprising as it is so hot and muggy.

We were intending to go for a ride to the bike park again and had them already loaded into the ute. We went yesterday when I got home from work and had a great time as usual however today our plans had to change. The reason for that is below....

I did say that there was a storm building up. Well it wouldn't be a good idea to get caught in it so we played some cricket in the back yard and kicked some balls around instead.

Then the storm went around us so we didn't get anything much except some wet washing but by then it was a bit too late to go to the bike park.

Left overs for dinner to kick off a bit of a lazy Sunday and then it was tossing and turning for half the night because I was having so much trouble sleeping. Little Miss R's back to school today so I may get the chance of a nap when Master M goes down for his. How decadent, a nap during the day but I think I'm going to need it.

Keep smiling and I'll pop in again soon.!!

Susan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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