Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This post is a little late for Valentine's Day but unfortunately both hubby and I have come down with the flu which isn't in the slight bit romantic. There is a little story I wanted to share from one of my clients which is why I decided to continue with the post.

But first to our story where we really didn't do much at all for Valentine's day except exchange small gifts. I'm sorry for the quality of the photo but it was a case of quick snapping and not feeling well enough to play around with making it look good.

I crocheted my honey a heart. It's the first heart that I've tried and I thought a pretty teal colour was so much better for him than hot pink. v I decided that giving him something I made that he can keep in his pocket or by his bedside was infinately better than the usual chocolates. (Especially as we're both losing weight)
I received a lovely bunch of flowers which may be a cliche but as I rarely get them they are even more precious so Happy Valentine's Day my love.
To the story of my lovely elder Scottish client who comes to see me semi-regularly. She LoVEs Valentines Day and she told me the story of why.
She was a chubby teenager and into her early 20's and always wanted a Valentine but never received one. Now she has a beautiful, romantic husband and when they first started going out she asked if he could give her a Valentine as she'd always wanted one.
She's now in her late 60's and still adores her husband. They always celebrate Valentine's Day because she said that how many of us really do special things for each other any other day of the year. They bring out all the cards that they've kept from each Valentines Day and put them up around the house.
They don't usually do anything expensive (they're Scottish of course) but celebrate the day with a beautiful card, a romantic dinner and just spending time together with maybe a small gift to exchange. When she left my salon she was so excited at the prospect of Valentines Day coming up that it was like a teenage girl going on her first date. Her hubby was equally excited about it which was so beautiful to see.
Lets hope we all have many special Valentines Days where both parties appreciate the day and believe it something special.

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