Sunday, February 13, 2011

Little Miss R's images

I did something today that I wouldn't normally do. I gave Little Miss R my camera for half an hour and let her walk around taking as many photos as she wanted. At first I was a little apprehensive about giving a 5 year old a camera until I remembered that in this digital age it didn't matter if the photo was crap, all I had to do was delete it. I was also interested in just what she would consider worthy of her interest and decide to snap it!
I have to admit that a lot of the photos really were pretty terrible but there were some that were fantastic and that I loved. I have just a few of those on show for you today and her brother's legs seemed to feature in them regularly.
The first photo was the hole made from the totem tennis pole. They decided that they wanted to stick the hose down it and then yell in the other end. I'm not sure if the intention was to scare the living daylights out of the ants or not but they had some fun doing it.

The slippery dip and swings also featured a great deal.

Master M running around and playing with this piece of hose seemed so much fun at the time that LoTS of photos had to be snapped of it.

I also loved some of the close ups she got of plants and flowers in the yard. It acutally looked like I have an amazingly fantastic garden even though the reality is a little sadder than that.

And of course there was the pirate ship game that she had to take photos of. The pirate ship in question is Daddy's ute of course with lots of rope, pirate noises and many 'sail the seven seas' being yelled about. Walking the plank featured quite a bit and I was amazed at how much fun they had and how easily they took it in turns for this part! There was hardly any whinging, fighting, yelling or hitting for at least half an hour. It was more playing together, laughing and having fun. Yes mothers out there, miracles do sometimes happens, it just means letting the little pirates adrift for awhile.

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