Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend:: Part 2 - Lunch with friends

My life pretty well consists of going to work, coming home, spending time with the kids, cooking, cleaning and sometimes the odd outing to the bike park or down the beach. I rarely do any socialising these days but this weekend has been BUSY!

First it was a night out with the girls on Saturday night then Sunday dawned absolutely BEAUTIFUL and it was off to Scarborough and Redcliffe to meet up with another friend.

Little Miss R had been quite ill the night before but the prospect of a trip to the beach brightened her quite a bit. We knew she still wasn't feeling well when she wouldn't eat her calamari for lunch and she NEVER says no to calamari. So hubby and the kids had a fish and chips for lunch in the park at Scarborough before they dropped me off at the Ambassador Hotel to meet up with friends for a late lunch.

It was just the most beautiful day. The skies were clear of clouds and the bluest of blue. The water looked so lovely and inviting and seeing the families out and about picnicking and barbequeing in the parks was an absolute joy.

Darling hubby took kids off for a bit of a drive and a play in the park while I caught up with friends. What a feast for lunch! I indulged a bit and didn't do the diet any good this week I can tell you but the Oysters Kilpatrick were pretty divine. I've had a hankering for them lately so was overjoyed when I saw them on the menu.

I decided a burger or a huge main meal would have been a bit much for me after having oysters as well and had thought about a salad. In the end I indulged and got the pickers plate which consisted of a few deep fried morsals that I could sit and pick at while chatting. Not good for the waist line and the salad probably would have been a better choice but hey ho!

We drove along the esplanade and over the bridge to take the LONG way home. Unfortunately the day was a bit much for Little Miss R who became sick again and was quite miserable by the time we got home.

As it was such a beautiful day, I indulged in some rare quiet time late in the afternoon sitting in my favourite spot outside. Having a nice chilled chardonnay on a beautiful day and indulging in some quiet hooking time while Master M runs around was just the perfect end to a busy but lovely weekend.

Miss T's blanket is coming along very well and stay tuned as I've finished Master R's blanket and will show you very soon.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too.


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