Saturday, February 19, 2011

A weekend away

It's hubby's RDO weekend so we're off for a couple of days to the town of Chinchilla. It's on the Western Downs in Queensland and is hosting the Melon Festival this weekend. That's not the main reason why we're heading to Chinchilla this weekend but I'll go into that further in future blogs.

I had to work in the morning so we headed off in the afternoon and stopped in the town of Dalby for the night which is only an hour away from Chinchilla. It gave us time to let the kids play in a park near the motel which was really lovely. There was a rotunda ......

A fantastic playground for the kids to play as well as ample room to run around.

Then there was the above lovely water feature which we ended up not getting too close to as there was a red belly black snake in that little bit of shrubbery in front

So we headed around a different way over a lovely little stone bridge and then wandered around town for a bit trying to wear the kids out. After an early dinner it was back to the motel room .....

Where we are all squished into one room so that will be interesting having a night in the same room as the kids. I wonder how much sleep we'll get.

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