Wednesday, February 2, 2011

On the way to work

It takes me about an hour to drive to work each day and there are a couple of ways I can go. One of them is straight down the 4 lane highway until I'm on the outskirts of Brisbane city and then turn inland for the last 10 minute drive through the rolling hills to my salon.

This is the way I have to go when we've had a lot of rain like in the recent terrible floods that have affected our state. The way I prefer to go is a little bit more round about but is so much prettier and there's nowhere near as much traffic.
Once I leave my house I drive past the beautiful Glasshouse Mountains which I never grow tired of seeing. I've grown up in this area and have seen so many changes but the mountains always remain the same.

After travelling down the 4 lane highway for a bit, I get off at one of the exits and continue my travels past lovely little picnic areas and lakes (above and below).

I then have to go through a place called Young's Crossing (next two pictures below) which can be quite pretty but was devasted in the recent floods. It's also near the North Pine Dam and when water's let out from there then the crossing has to close because the road floods.

The water is still very brown and dirty because of the floods and a lot of what you can see was under water. In the second photo there are some picnic tables just out of the photo and up the hill a bit. They still have debris on top of them which just goes to show how high the water came. If I get the chance, I'll try and get some photos of those for you.

Young's crossing

Young's crossing (other side of the road)

Then after a few more twists and turns past some houses and shops, we get to the valley with the lovely little village of Samford nestled among the hills. On the left had side in the top third of the picture below you will see some buildings amongst the trees. That's the township of Samford and my salon is nestled in there somewhere.

I hope you've enjoyed a little view of my trip to work. I of course left out the traffic and boring house and road bits. They're not nearly as nice as the lovely views I've shown you and I'm sure you see plenty of those yourself!
Keep smiling
Susan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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