Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend:: Part 1 - A night out with the girls

Mooloolaba beach at 6pm where we were meeting the other girl's for our night out. It was such a beautiful evening. The weather was perfect, people were still swimming in the surf, families were playing on the beach or cooking dinner on the barbeques that line the parks beside the beach.

Then it was deciding on what we wanted for dinner and which of the numerous restaurants along the esplanade we would try. We ended up at Augellos, a fantastic Italian pizza and pasta restaurant in the heart of Mooloolaba which was unbelievably noisy but fantastic none the less.

Our table was at the side of the restaurant and looked over the road to the beach and the famous 'loo with a view'.

Dinner was absolutely delicious with a few different meals consumed. I loved my lamb calzone with marinated mushrooms, tomato and baby spinach. How divine it was! The other girls loved their various seafood pastas and dishes as well so it was a great choice for food.

The company was fantastic with lots of chatting, laughing and just general catching up. We worked out that it's been 6 years (shock horror!) since the 4 of us had been together on our own without families etc around.

Mooloolaba is a great place to people watch so after dinner we headed back downstairs to another cafe for after dinner coffee, more conversation and plenty of people watching (which fuelled many interesting conversations!)

What some people wear is unbelievable and it showed we don't go out much these days when we were mesmerised by some of the sights. Ladies, when dressing up for a night out it really does pay to wear something flattering. OMG! The amount of women that obviously spent AGES getting ready only to be wearing something that really wasn't very flattering on them was unbelievable.

Men, please wear pants that fit properly.

A must to visit when I'm in Mooloolaba is my favourite shop Sapien Arts.

It's a very exotic shop of artefacts, jewellrey, material etc from around the world. It's a feast for the eyes and I virtually drool each time I visit this shop.

Being a mum who doesn't go out anymore I found that I couldn't stay out too late so was home by 10.30pm to a sick Little Miss R and a grumpy Master M... but more on that another day.

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