Thursday, February 10, 2011


Today a couple of things happened that reminded me just how special it is to have friends. My sister came to my salon for a couple of treatments and then we went out for lunch and coffee. I love being able to do that and to have someone special to share such an everyday moment with me. It's not something that I do much anymore (go out to lunch that is) and being able to do it with my sister who is a person with whom 'best friend' just doesn't seem to be able to convey our relationship. She is truly an extraordinary person with whom I am so honoured to know and to have as my friend, let alone as my sister that even having something as mundane as lunch at a cafe is something special.

Then there is another of my friends with whom I love dearly but do not catch up with often. I know a lot of that is my fault because I've come to realise that I'm truly AWfUl at keeping contact with people. I find that when I catch up with my 'true' friends, even though we may not have seen each other for awhile, when we do catch up it's like we've only seen each other the day before. I hope you all have lovely 'true' friends like this too.

I say all of that above because the gorgeous H who is dealing with an extremely stressful situation in her life at the moment, thought enough about me to gift me with the beautiful hair ties that you see in the above photo.

Thank you so much H and S for gifting me with special things today. Love you and thinking of all my other special friends with whom I don't contact that often either.

Susie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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