Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The end of a long weekend

Monday dawned beautiful but very HOT. After a couple of photos of the lovely blooms in the gardens of the motel, it was off to the real estate before heading home.

Master M's face is very sore and we had a very interrupted sleep because he kept crying out 'My face' during the night. The poor mite has been in a bit of pain.

This is the block of land we've put our name on. The contracts aren't available yet as they have to finish the road in front of the next lot of blocks to be developed. It's a couple of acres of flat ground with some bushland at the back so we're happy with it and will now wait for the next step in the buying process.

Then it was the 4 hour drive home with just a few toilet stops for Little Miss R this time. (Dad coped much better on the drive home).

It was nice to get home to our little house because it was about 37 degrees celcius so the heat was nearly unbearable. We put the air con on at home, unpacked then got down to doing some lazy things for the rest of the afternoon.

Not surprisingly, a huge storm started to build up and cooled everything down so we were at least able to sleep well. Aren't those storm clouds pretty amazing!!

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