Saturday, March 10, 2012

After school fun

Yesterday was such a gorgeous, hot day so after school we decided to head to the playground around the corner for some fun.

Little Miss R rode her bike and Master M scooted there but first of all they decided to play on the swings, slide and climbing things.

If you enlarge the above photo you'll see a huge open area behind the playground then in the distance a small building.  That's where the dog 'playground' is.  It's an enclosed area for dog owners which has all types of things for dogs to play over, under and around.  It's brilliant and really, really popular!

What my kidlettes love though is the above little track area.  It's made for kids with bikes and scooters and they absolutely love it.

There's bumpy things to ride over.

Different paths to take.

Things to zig zag through as well as other things to ride over to test their balance.

After the obligatory push on the swings, I got down to important business..... new book which I bought yesterday.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

xx Susan

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