Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Having a cleanout

My spare room has been driving me NUTS lately.  It's so messy and cluttered and basically a dumping ground for everything.  Not exactly a healthy environment especially when we've put a desk in there for Little Miss R to do her schoolwork.

The below photo was taken when  I was about halfway through cleaning so it was a lot worse before this.

I cleared out the wardrobe and rearranged things.  I even went around the house to find all my stashes of crafty stuff which included material, yarn, habberdashery stuff and lots of things I didn't even know I had!

Having it all in one place made me realise just how many goodies I do have and now my mind is full of a thousand things I can make.

Now the easiest place to put things when I want to sort through them is my bed.  I can spread everything out on it and there's less chance little fingers will find their way into it to make a mess.  I do say LESS chance rather than NO chance as I do have a curious couple of kidlettes.

The other reason I like to sort things from my bed is because I know I'll finish the job as I need to sleep somewhere at night!

Since I decided I was going to be in my room awhile, I thought it best to listen to some tunes.  My bedroom stereo is pretty old so I can't use my ipod with it so I resorted to the good old cd.  I have eclectic taste and chose from the 3 cd's that were in my room at the time.

Evanescence, Adele and Mumford and Sons.  (Waaaay different from each other I know).

Mumford and Sons won out as I was in a bluegrass mood.

The spare room is now much cleaner and tidier.  Unfortunately some of the larger items do need to stay in the room because we really have no where else to put them in the house.

Little Miss R's desk is there to the right where the red chair is.

You can see one cupboard door only but there are 3 doors altogether and inside them is now relatively clean and tidy.  Maybe I should really say that it's slighty more organised.

There's also a bookshelf on the wall to the left which is now much tidier and full of books as well as crafty stuff.

During my tidy up I found heaps of safety pins.  I used an empty powdered stock container to hold them in and it's worked out perfectly.


I also sorted through my sewing basket.  I've got fishing tackle boxes and tupperware holding plenty of sewing things in but I always use this basket because it was my Grandma's.  When she passed away I was given her sewing machine, sewing table and of course her sewing basket.  Even though it's now 20 years since she passed away which I can't quite believe, I always think of her when I see this basket or use my sewing machine.

Inside the basket were these interesting tidbits too.  I'm not sure exactly what they are but I have a vague recollection that my Mum once told me that one of them is a lace maker.  If anyone out there knows what they are then please let me know.  Thanks!

Once I'd finished tidying everything, resorting and putting it all back in happier places, I ended up with a bag full of fabric and yarn to send to school with Little Miss R for their craft.  I've just got to remember to take it with me!

So everything's much tidier, neater and I'm much happier for now. 

xxx Susan

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Sandy said...

Looks great! It always feels so good to have a clean out. I slept not long after you left and woke up at 3.30 so I did NOTHING! Guess I still have some resting to do before I'm back on board.... Your bedspread looks lovely too by the way.