Sunday, March 4, 2012

The barbeque:: Take 2....


For the BBQ that is....

Thank goodness because even though it still wasn't quite the same perfect kind of evening it was the night before, it was still a lovely time to be outdoors.

There were some clouds, and a bit more of a breeze....but it was still wonderful.

The kidlettes spent the late afternoon on the water hopscotch or 'opquotch' as Master M calls it.  They got extremely wet and had a fantastic time running around doing it in the process.

It gave me the chance to work on a new project while they were getting as wet as possible but I'll tell you a bit more about that soon (if I remember to that may have to remind me).

Then it was time to try the barbeque.  My gorgeous dad came over today to help me swap the gas bottles over.  It was a very easy and completely painless process which I had pretty well worked out for myself but I decided that I'd better get an 'expert' to help me the first time in case there was one small step that I missed.

Nope.  All was well and fired up just like it should.

This time it's marinated honey soy chicken kebabs so first I put down the baking paper.  I personally believe baking paper is a MUST when cooking anything marinated on the barbeque because it's so less messy.

As you can see by the photo below, this is what the baking paper looked like when I finished cooking. 
 (A note to people about ALDI baking paper.  Lots of things stick to it and it's pretty well crap.  I have similar results with other things cooked in the oven too so I'm putting this lot in the camping gear and getting the better quality stuff for home).

....and the results after the baking paper (even bad quality) has been taken off.... nice and clean.  That's something to really love.

I will end by sharing a quote from Little Miss R (age 6 remember) on her dinner...

"...that was BLOODY great!..."

(Oh dear...I really hope she takes after her father and not me with those comments....I really can't be sure though.   On second thoughts, if it was her father maybe it could have been a lot worse....)

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