Monday, March 5, 2012

Yarn on the menu

It seems an AGE since I've blogged about any crochet or crochet projects.  To some of my friends and blog readers that's not a problem at all... others they may miss it (I can live in hope!)

I've decided that I'm a person that needs TWO major crochet projects on the go to be happy.  As long as they're both a little different in style and stitches then it helps if I get bored with one and can easily switch to the other for a day or two.

Lately I've been doing just one project and that's the old fashioned cotton bedspread for my bed.  It's the biggest project I've attempted and I am loving it but I do get bored doing the same stitch pattern over and over again.

So over the weekend I decided to do something a little different just to switch things up a bit.

I went through my stash, found a ball of yarn I wanted to work with then  decided to make a scarf for Little Miss R's current teacher.

This may be a little ahead of myself because I made scarves for her Prep teacher and teachers' aide for Christmas last year.

Stay with me though people because our house is on the market!

Yes finally.  After a year of talking about moving, we've finally decided on an area where we may be going to and have actually contacted the real estate and started the process.   Finger's crossed about selling because the housing market's pretty slow right now.

So how does putting our house on the market and a crochet scarf go together?

Well I thought that if we do sell the house then it will be pretty full on packing, looking for a new place to live, moving, finding a new school for Little Miss R, changing all the necessary over to a new address, all the other stress added because I know hubby won't be here for most of it.....then me having a bit of a mental breakdown before we get back on track again.

Once we got to our new place I would then realise that I wish I had made something for Little Miss R's current teacher as a Thank you for the work she has done so far this year.  That's why I've started on this particular project now so even if I finish it before the house is even sold, I can put it away and bring it out at the last minute for Little Miss R to give to her teacher.

So for a couple of days I crocheted away when time allowed using a great pattern called 'snapdragon shells'.  With the multicoloured yarn it was really turning out quite well.

Then I got to the end of the ball of yarn and realised I made the scarf a little bit too wide and a little bit too short!  It still wraps around but it's not a nice comfortable scarf the way it is now.

Do I undo the whole thing?  Probably as I would like to fix it up but just not at the moment.  So what to do?

I ended up tidying up some of the spare room and in the cupboard I found another box of yarn!  I was sooooo excited, like Christmas morning excited!

I found some nice purple (which is her teachers favourite colour) and decided to try a different pattern again.  This time the boringly titled 'side bars'.  I'm liking the square, mesh effect this has though but we'll see when it gets a bit longer.

I only started this one after the kidlettes were in bed last night while I was watching the cricket.  The above is how much I got done BEFORE the power went out.  Yes the power went out when there was only 2 overs left to go!!!  I couldn't believe it and had to bump, thump and crash my way through the house to find a torch and my radio to find out who won.
(Australia beat Sri Lanka in the last over by the way...)

So today it's absolutely pouring rain again and in between doing some more crochet, house tidying, crochet, washing, crochet etc, I'll be checking the internet for flooding around the Gympie area as hubby's on his way home again.  Last stint it was flooded in Gympie (one hour's drive away) and he had to back track another 4 hours to get home.  Instead of a 9 hour drive it took him 13 so we really don't want that again!

Hope you all have a fantastic week.
xxx Susan 

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