Saturday, March 3, 2012

The end of a LONG week

This week has seemed to go for a very long time.  It may have something to do with the fact that I haven't been well since about Tuesday afternoon so have spent a few days in bed.

I'm lucky Little Miss R has been at school and family members have done the school run for me or looked after Master M for awhile to help me recover better.

I'm feeling MUCH better now though, in fact I really perked up Friday afternoon and because it was such a lovely day, we spent as much time outside as possible.

I decided to crank up the barbeque to cook some snags for dinner.  We do use the bbq a lot over summer when lovely hubby's home but I haven't used it myself in about 6 years! 

Time to start using it again as I love being outside with the kids and not inside slaving over the's much more fun.

So dinner's cooking away, the kids are having fun on their scooters.....

...and kickboards on the slippery slide....

...when I realise that the gas has run out with the snags only about a quarter cooked!

I have no idea how to change over the gas bottles so I took dinner inside to finish cooking then brought it back out so we could still enjoy the gorgeous evening.


Lovely hubby's not home for a couple more days yet so my gorgeous dad's coming over today to show me how to swap the gas bottles over.  Yay for Dad's!

It's going to be another nice day I think so I'm hoping to be able to crank the barbeque up again tonight and for that we need gas...

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

xxx Susan

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