Thursday, March 8, 2012

Knit and natter

On a Wednesday morning I usually head over to my sister's house for a knit and natter morning.  Our Mum comes too and we're all loving the fact that were finally having some regular time together.

There's always a cup of tea to be enjoyed.

And you couldn't have a knit and natter without doing some sort of crafty stuff.  In my case it's some more crochet.  I've started on a cushion cover in brightly coloured stripes from some acrylic yarn I found in my stash.

I was making it in treble crochet (UK/Aus) but it just seemed to me to be too holey.  I wanted a tighter stitch with the 5.5mm hook I was using so I've changed it to double crochet and think it's looking so much better.

I seemed to be the only one doing crafty stuff today.  There's ALWAYS plenty of nattering going on because we're a group of women who like to have a chat. Maybe we should call it Craft and Chatter or Crafty Chatter instead!

My sister and mother are working on some family tree stuff so instead of doing their crafty stuff, it was reading over a lot of the info that they've found this week.  It was all pretty fascinating to listen to and that's something I love about crochet, you can still do it while chatting to people or just watching tv. 

My favourite time and place to crochet is when the kidlettes are playing in the backyard and I sit on my lounge and watch them.  They seem to stay outside for longer if I'm there so I'm happy to indulge them and continue to crochet.  It beats housework!

The above photo is how much I got done on our knit and natter morning this week.  I was firing on all cylinders I think to get that much done!

Hope your all having a fantastic week.

xx Susan

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driftwood said...

your crochet is lovely. there's always a lot more nattering than knitting at the group I go to, and often I ended up having to unravel as I was chatting and not concentrating.....