Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My camera dilemna

I'm lucky that I have a pretty good choice of camera's in which to take photos.  I have my Canon Digital SLR which I absolutely love, especially as I have another 300ml lense that I can attach if needed.  This is definately the camera of choice when we go away camping so I can snap away at any scenery to my hearts content.

Then I have my everyday Canon IXUS which is great to grab at whim and take shots about the house or when I'm out and about and don't want to take my big camera as this slips in a handbag nicely.

I haven't been able to use this for awhile though because I seem to have lost the chargers.  I say chargers because hubby has a similar camera so he's got a charger for his as well.  I lost one charger about a year ago and recently the other one has gone missing.

I have looked everywhere and am completely stumped as to where they could be.  (I also haven't admitted to hubby that I've lost them yet.  He probably won't be surprised though!)

It's lucky I have a new phone so I'm taking most of my photos on that lately but it's not the same as my little camera.

I may have to go search ebay for another charger and then I'll probably find one or both of the other ones.  A spare one would be good though....or just one at the moment.

xx  Susan

P.S  I've had a thought.  Recently I lost about $450 in cash from my bedside table for about two weeks.  I thought I was going insane and couldn't find it anywhere.  I felt sick, scared (because I'd finally lost the plot) and just plain worried.  Then hubby found the money in the bottom of one of the toyboxes.  Master M had got hold of it and hidden it.  Maybe losing the camera chargers is NOT my fault and a search through toy boxes might be in order!

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Sandy said...

Hmmm, maybe M used it as a 'top jaw rope'! Got to keep those pesky crocodiles under control. :)