Monday, March 12, 2012

Do you remember..... writing about my camera dilemna?

Well it would seem I have an update on the missing camera charger.

I finally got up the courage to admit to my husband that I'd lost the plot and had somehow misplaced ANOTHER charger.

The conversation went something like this:

Me:  Uh, honey.  You know how we used to have two chargers for the small camera's and I lost one about a year ago?  Well I've sort of lost the other one as well.  I'm thinking of looking through the toy boxes though, just in case Master M has decided to play with it.

Lovely hubby:  (after looking at me with 'THAT LOOK' that men get)

I told you I put it in my wardrobe.

Me:  OH!'t remember you telling me.

Lovely hubby:  (still giving me 'THAT LOOK')


So I now have a camera charger which is back in it's home in the drawer with all the other chargers.  It's happy, I'm happy and Little Miss R is currently burning up the battery by taking a million photos on my little camera.

That's ok though because now I can charge it!

xx Susan

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